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Kelly Winkel
Kelly Winkel
November 27, 2023
We are happy to recommend Petsfly. We used them to help us move our 2 kitties from the USA to the UK. Brenda was very communicative, knowledgable, and available throughout the entire process. We felt our kitties were in good hands throughout the process and would definitely use them again!
November 6, 2023
Brenda is amazing and held my hand every step of the way. She left nothing to chance, she gave concise and clear instruction. My dogs arrived happy and well cared for.
Sally Sturm
Sally Sturm
October 22, 2023
Jeni was AMAZING! A week before we were scheduled to fly, the airline called us at night to tell us they would NOT fly our dogs, after previously telling us yes. (Don't fly Delta!) We had 6 days to fly two Great Danes to our new home. Jeni answered the phone first time I called, even though we were different time zones. And she was with us every step of the way to get our boys to their new home. Customized kennels and confirmed flight dates. We were not able to fly them in 6 days, it took about 10 which is still quick turnaround. Petsfly was the ONLY company to answer my calls and online inquiries. I recommend and thank you Jeni and Petsfly!
Sylvie Novotny
Sylvie Novotny
September 29, 2023
My husband, Rich, and I are so happy to recommend Brenda and Petsfly. Brenda was in constant communication with our vet staff as we got our dog's travel papers in order and she provided so much information to us in a very organized manner. She took my after hours call while I prepped our dog to go the night before and I'm happy to report that the arrival of Lego, our pup, occurred without a hitch! She's safely with my husband in Nigeria and we couldn't be happier with the ease with which this happened. I can't recommend them enough. I've personally never transported a dog overseas before, and this experience has brought me so much comfort.
Mikahla Crane
Mikahla Crane
September 25, 2023
I can not recommend Petsfly enough! Brenda and Jeni were amazing to work with and very communicative. Brenda helped get my two fur babies from Chicago USA to Belgium. I had lots of worries shipping the dogs and Brenda made sure all my questions were answered. They helped so much in the documentation process and pretty much handled everything. Our trip was smooth sailing and both my girls have made it to their new home in Belgium safe and sound
Katrina Utz
Katrina Utz
September 22, 2023
I hired Petsfly to relocate our dog from Boston to Kenya. Jeni was great to work with and our dog got there safe without hassle. Pictures were sent from his stop overs and a wonderful Kenyan woman drove him 5 hours from Nairobi to our location. Jeni was invaluable at managing my dogs travel and I will use Petsfly for our return trip in a few years.
Breedlove Family
Breedlove Family
August 19, 2023
We were trying to do all the paperwork ourselves and it was not going to arrive in time for our flights- so Petsfly to the rescue! They were amazing to work with us to get our two cats to fly out at a later time. We got regular updates on their travel progress and photos. We highly recommend working with them as it will make traveling with pets easier.
M M (Moose’s Mom)
M M (Moose’s Mom)
May 22, 2023
We got quotes from four different pet shipping companies, and Petsfly was the only one that could get our dog to an airport reasonably close to our destination. The cross-country trip involved two flights across two days, boarding him overnight, and Petsfly handled all of that. Honestly, we would not have been able to get this move done without them. Although moving pets is not cheap, Petsfly was very competitively priced, especially given their high level of service. The staff I worked with were extremely professional and helpful. Even the transportation to the airport from my house was first-class. I highly recommend Petsfly.

I just wanted to thank you again for everything and your help with getting the precious fur ball I call Waffles to the land down under! She has settled in nicely and has found many new smells to keep her busy all day! Thanks again; you made this transition less stressful for all of us! I’m not sure I would have any hair left if it were not for you!

I am so pleased with how great this evolution was! Prince Grimm and Ares left Spain and have arrived home safe and sound in North Carolina, all because of you and your partner at A.A.H Veterinarian in Madrid! The communication was out of this world amazing and I received pictures of my boys along their journey! Thank you so much for arranging their homecoming!!!
My sincere thanks!

Maggie and Rudy did arrive safely on Wednesday and are getting over jet lag and used to the life in Helsinki. It snowed here yesterday, so a bit different for them than PHX.

We want to express our thanks and gratitude for assisting us with this move. This not only saved us much frustration and worry about coordinating the details, but we also felt very comfortable with your personal service. When we return to the US in 3-5 years, we hope to use your services again and will certainly recommend you to anyone we know who is looking to relocate their pets domestic or international.

Thank you for the excellent care of our “Buddy” who arrived safe & sound. His Delta 1st class “air cargo” flight was amazing from Phoenix to NY. He had no complaints at all…lol

We are so thankful for your “complete” services provided from picking up Buddy from my son in Scottsdale, taking him to the vet for his pre-flight medical clearance, boarding him overnight while acclimating Buddy to his travel kennel, and getting him safely to his flight in Phoenix.

As a retired professional commercial & corporate pilot, I researched all available options. Petsfly.com was unanimously highly recommended as the number one service provider. Needless to say, you have exceeded my highest expectations.

Buddy & our family can’t thank you enough… Jeni, you are an amazing lady.

Wishing you well & continued success,

Joel, Susan, Michael, & Buddy

Hey “Team Wolfie”!

Wolfie’s journey is complete and he has arrived safely to our new home in New Zealand ?

We want to thank each of you (and those who, in turn, support you) for everything you did to make his around-the-world trip a success. Your attention to detail and dedicated commitment to his physical and emotional well-being are appreciated beyond words. Wolfie is doing well and so excited to explore the new smells, sounds, and sights and have his whole family together at home, doing our new normal routine. It’s apparent he received the best care from everyone along his way, so again Thank You from all of us.

Wolfie quickly found comfort on the couch and awaiting yummy morsels by the barbecue.

Enjoy your holidays and the new year! We’ll be sure to recommend this team to our friends and family if they’re ever in need of your services.

Take care,
Todd, Emily, Sebastian, and Wolfie

***Note – Thanks to Pacific Pet for hiring us to assist with Wolfie’s relocation***

Hello Jeni and Jayne, We have Sunshine and he is settling down fine and just found the most comfy place in the whole place – the Sofa!

Thank you ladies for making the process smooth and we really appreciate all of your efforts on our and Sunshine’s behalf. I will take a photograph tomorrow and share with you both. Many thanks for a terrific job.

Just wanted to send you a thank you from England! The cats are settling into their new home nicely–in fact, I’m amazed at how quickly they’ve settled in! They were a little startled the first day and have been fine ever since. They must have been treated well along the way to make such an excellent transition.

You were SO helpful answering all of my endless questions and reassuring me. Jim and Orly could not have been nicer at the airport and really put my mind at ease about handing over my cats. The pickup process in London was even relatively painless for my boyfriend. It wasn’t an easy process, but it was certainly worth it and I’m thrilled to have my kitties here with me, and I absolutely could not have done it without you. I don’t know how anyone does this without using an amazing service such as Petsfly.

Attached is a picture of the kitties in their new home. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to recommend your business to anyone thinking about moving their pets. I’m happy to leave a review or you can use this email or the photos to do so on my behalf.

Thank you again!

Dearest Aura Leigh;
I just wanted to say thank you very much for your help and cooperation yesterday. Thanks to you and your wonderful driver Jodi, Izzy got home safe and sound. I know we could have not done without you. Thank you kindly for being so trusting and flexible to send us an invoice, so the gentleman did not have to pay the bill up front. I know he appreciated what you did just the same. Thanks once again for your wonderful services.
With kindest regards,

Sabine Mohrmann
Duty Station Manager
Lufthansa German Airlines
O’Hare International Airport


I had promised my mother months before she passed away that I would take her cat, Smokey, a wonderful, all grey, lovely-tempered little guy we had gotten from a shelter nine years before, when my dad had died. Unfortunately, I travel back and forth to France where he could easily have gotten out the farmhouse I live in.

My daughter and son-in-law, in Gothenburg, Sweden, had wanted to adopt an older cat for a few years, and when they received the sad news about my mom, they immediately offered to take him.

What was I to do? I began exploring avenues of air transport, even trying for my own flight over with him. I had immediately gone to the IPATA website and gotten several local companies. One of the first to get back to me was Jeni Redmond at PETSFLY. I still was doubtful because I had never done this and we were dealing with “precious cargo.” Finally, I consulted my pet transport agent in Paris and she unequivocally recommended PETSFLY.

And so, I contacted Jeni once again and hired her company. At this point I felt that Smokey and I were in good hands. From the moment I signed the contract to his safe arrival in Sweden, I had little worries that I had made the best decision ever!

Jeni showed up at the exact hour she indicated, sent me photos of Smokey as he made his journey, and informed me of each leg of the trip. The high level of professionalism was amazing!

I would use PETSFLY again if I needed help with animal transport. I cannot praise this company enough for their efficiency, knowledge and kindness. They made it SO EASY for me, and for that I am eternally grateful! Smokey is now well ensconced in his new, safe, loving home. He might never remember his journey: first from Florida to Arizona with me, and then, with PETSFLY from Phoenix, USA, to Gothenburg, Sweden, but I will always remember how PETSFLY turned a very stressful and difficult decision into a wonderful, happy event!

I wanted to write you a sincere thank you for your professionalism, kindness and assistance in getting our cat, Bunker, home to us this past month. As you know, things did not go as planned for his transport from England to the US. But once we connected with you, everything seemed to be so much easier and we felt much more relaxed and confident. Thank you for handling things so well on our behalf and working incredibly well with the airlines as well. You are truly excellent at your job and our family is so grateful for all you did for us. I know in the future you will be our first call if in need of any pet transport and we will recommend you to all of our friends and colleagues. When families have to separate from their pets, it’s essential to have someone like you involved who can reunite us in an easy, loving way. Your care for the pets you handle and the families you interact with truly shines through in your personality.

I’ve attached some photos of our cat Bunker with our son Lochlan, who were quite happy to be together again, in case you can’t tell. We wish you all the best and if there’s ever anything we can do to help you please let us know. You will always hold a special place in our hearts.

My Best,

I want to thank you all very much for the great job all of you performed. After total 39 travel hours, Totozinho arrived at TAM Cargo at Curitiba very well and healthy.

The picture attached shows him at Curitiba coming back home in the taxi cab at 1:15am Brazil time on 12/03 or 9:15pm AZ time in 03/11.

Just to register and emphasize the matter, high quality and professionalism of your services, I want you to remember Totozinho is 18 years old.

Great professionals!

Heidi has arrived well and grandma is quite happy!

Thank you, Katie, for your wonderful support in facilitating safe travel for Heidi. She is a precious cargo, and you gave us wonderful confidence through your experience and expertise that she would arrive safe and sound. We appreciate you! -Barb ?

Thank you to everyone at Pet-Express and Petsfly, especially our personal pet travel specialists Jessica Reynolds and Aura Leigh Ferguson, for your over-and-above help and support in getting our two dogs, Molly and Rocky, from our home in Crawford, Nebraska, to our new home in Ireland.
When Tim and I first thought of moving to Ireland, we had no idea how we were going to get our miniature poodle, Rocky, and our English Shepherd, Molly, from Nebraska to our new home overseas. We knew we couldn’t bear sending them off on a plane, so I decided to look for professionals to help us with moral support, and I found Pet-Express.
What we did not know was we needed far more than just moral support. Shipping animals overseas is so complicated that without Pet-Express we would have completely failed. Pet-Express provided all the complicated documents, flight schedules, inoculations, USDA deadlines, crate sizes, etc. We were on the phone to Jessica at Pet-Express at least once a day with a new question, and she and everyone else were wonderful!
But that was not the end of it. Pet-Express hooked us up with Petsfly in the Denver area, the take-off airport for our dogs. We would be meeting Petsfly’s Aura Leigh at Denver International Airport and she would finalize our paperwork and get the dogs on the cargo plane.
With two hours until loading time, Aura Leigh arrived with new information. Our dogs could not go on this particular flight due to a problem on the plane. All the dogs’ inoculations hinged on this flight and we were scheduled to fly out in five hours, and now this flight wasn’t taking our dogs.
Jessica at Pet-Express went into action, trying to find another flight for our dogs. Aura Leigh went into action on our end, keeping in touch with Jessica and the cargo plane that just canceled on us, assuring us that Pet-Express and Petsfly would find a solution, all the while making friends with our dogs. Our English Shepherd, Molly, is wary but within minutes she was jumping in and out of Aura’s dog crates and nuzzling up to her. Minutes ticked by, and still we didn’t know what we were going to do. Aura Leigh said if we could not get a flight for the dogs that day, she would take care of our dogs, working with her veterinarian, re-inoculating them, and getting them on another plane. We trusted her completely. She must have had different plans for her weekend, but now our dogs were her dogs.
After almost two hours of trying to find other flights, our cargo flight suddenly could take our dogs. Aura Leigh really went into action now, especially when one cargo agent came out and said our dogs could not come. I was ready to back down, but Aura Leigh had heard from the top that the dogs were going and she was not going to be stopped again. She hustled us into the cargo office, filled out the paperwork, and there was no problem. After securing our dogs in their crates, Rocky and Molly were loaded on their plane. Now it was up to them to get through the trip and meet us in Dublin, and they did fine.
We cannot thank Pet-Express and Petsfly enough. There was no way we could have known everything we had to do to move our dogs overseas. Pet-Express and Petsfly provided all we needed for the dogs’ trip along with the extra-mile support of genuine love and kindness, giving us the confidence we needed and giving our dogs the best!
Thanks from Tim and Melissa, Rocky and Molly.
Attached is a photo of Molly and Rocky on their first day at our new home in Cornaveigh, Lough Eske, Co. Donegal, Ireland.


I want to write you and tell you officially thank you! Because of you and your company our dogs were able to travel over 9,000 miles to their new home in Qatar. You and your staff handled our unique requests and the difficulty of interesting import procedures with ease. Something that my wife and I definitely would not have been able to do. Of course we are extremely happy to have our dogs with us but what you provided was peace. We did not have to worry about anything. You took care of everything from door to door. We were repeatedly told that we would have to wait until around Christmas to ship our dogs to Qatar but you worked around that and found a way to get them here at times that would not be detrimental to our dogs. Thank you again and I will be recommending your company to everyone I know. Plus we might need you again in two years :).

Trent, Krista, Dixie & Peyton

Bella arrived safe and sound and I couldn’t be happier with this experience! Thank you SO much for getting this special girl to her rescue! I will highly recommend Petsfly to anyone and everyone.
Thank you again!
Save A Heeler

Thank you Katie for all your help!!!!

I want to recommend this wonderful person who has been so much help to me while planning this trip…even tho I ended up not using her shipping services because I am traveling with the critters…she still helped me more then she will ever realize. – feeling thankful.

Hey Jeni. So happy my fur babies (Larry, Darrell and Darrell) arrived on time and okay. … Larry O. and Other Darrell are running around the new house, happy as ever. I can’t thank you enough for getting my boys to me. I thank my dear friend … for recommending you. Our house is now our home.


Thank you so much for making sure that Charlie and Ozzie reached us safely in the UK. We thought they would be worn out and frightened when they arrived but they were themselves as soon as they exited their containers.

Relocating two cats from the U.S. to the U.K. is a daunting prospect but you made it seem so easy and straightforward and took a lot of stress off of our shoulders. The cost of your services was one of the best values during this international move and I will recommend to you to my friends and colleagues needing similar services.


Thank you!
The boys are doing well! I just wanted to compliment the office we took the boys to on TX, the girl there was right on top of things. They had everything prepped to go and we were in and out very quickly we were impressed.

We also really appreciate you professionalism and promptness. This move was so stressful/scary so it was a relief that the boys move went so smoothly!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

I have to say that your service is terrific! Geoff was great, what a nice man, you can tell he loves animals. Thank you so much for getting my puppy to us safely. It was worth every penny and I had no worries while waiting, you set my mind at ease describing how Geoff would care for him on the trip. I am so glad Kennel Care recommended you.

Lacy’s been having an absolute ball since we picked her up. Here she is on the South Coast of England enjoying a brief holiday before moving into her new home.

We can’t thank everyone at petsfly.com enough for being so awesome to work with! You did such a fantastic job of getting Lacy transported back to the UK and safely through the nightmare of pet immigration. We couldn’t have moved without you!

Thank you so much!

Hi Jeni!

I just wanted to say thanks so much for all of your help in getting Cona to my parents house. We are at the hotel in Amsterdam and fly out tomorrow. We just Skyped with my parents and saw Cona and she is doing great!

I will definitely use your company for any future pet transport needs and will recommend you to anyone that is interested as well.

We received this nice note from Boris’ mom….”I wanted to let you know that Boris arrived safely to our new home in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt. Thank you again for coordinating his travel and helping us to navigate the rules and regs for international pet transportation.”
Boris is now an Egyptian kitty!

Tank and Daisy are doing wonderfully. It’s taken them some time to adjust to the time and the language (they don’t do the “double take” they first did when our neighbors spoke German to them), but they are now loving the romps in the woods just out our new backdoor and now that my husband has also arrived, it’s beginning to really feel like home.

Thank you so much for arranging everything and for walking me through the whole process – answering my many, many questions so quickly and with such patience. It was really appreciated and kept a stressful time and process as calm and clear as could be and successfully running.

Thanks Jeni!! Gibson and I are back home ?

**We make custom kennels too. Like the one shown here for Gibson.


I emailed you from my phone last time just so you would know all went well but I wanted to send you a proper THANK YOU.

We really appreciate all of the work you have done for us and for Oscar! Especially keeping us well informed and answering ALL of our emails. Here’s a few pics of Oscar getting to know his new area in Dublin. Thanks again!

Maria, Mitch, Mary & Ken Buzzell

Thanks for being so kind and professional with Buster and Zoe. Your services were communicative and totally worth the price when weighed against the numerous stressors involved in our relocation. Five stars!

Thank you so much for your incredible efforts. We are so excited that Sheeba is in Singapore.
Thanks again Jeni. We could not have done it without you !

(We) Just used petsfly to deliver our cat from the airport to a family member in Denver. Wonderful service and so helpful. They even changed the delivery date at the last minute when we had airport problems. Highly recommend them!!!
Sarah Rodriguez
If you are looking at this website you are seriously considering flying your beloved pets to join you in their new home in a new country.
I can highly recommend petsfly.com, a division of The Pet Chauffer and Jeni Redmond’s services as we have just flown our two dogs Billy Ray and Sammi from Dallas, Texas to Zurich, Switzerland. Moving is a harrowing experience to say the least but my biggest concern really was the dogs and their welfare and it actually kept me awake at night with worry. Why did I bother wasting my energy, everything went smoothly and perfectly, exactly according to Jeni’s well laid out plans and schedules. I am glad that I used her services for the whole process from door to door including the USDA vet checks and then boarding the dogs with a sweet guy in Dallas called Steve for 10 days so that we could move first and get ourselves set up to welcome them home again in Zurich.
Before we even were quoted, we were given just so much helpful information as to the whole process and requirements in Switzerland.
The team in Zurich were just as wonderful and kept in touch and let me know that all was running according to plan. I am also glad that I chose for the “boys” to do an overnight stop over in New York so that they could stretch their legs again before the trans-Atlantic flight.
Thanks Jeni and all at petsfly.com
Karin, Sammi and Billy Ray

The dogs (Bo, Otis and Sophie) made it here fine. They don’t seem as stressed as I thought they would be. We all were very happy to see each other. They seem to adjust to their new environment fine. I think it’s because we are all together again. I want to thank you for all you did, and apologise if we were a pain. I will definatley recommend you to people who are travelling with pets. I will be getting a hold of you in 3 years to see about getting them back home.
Thank you,David and Cindy

I just finished a video call with Erin and saw two very happy dogs and the happy family. FYI, Erin got there (Animal Reception Centre) 4 hours after the arrival, there was absolutely no wait and she thinks she could have gotten them an hour or so earlier, so things are very smooth at Heathrow. I can tell by watching them in action that they had a great flight and no trauma or upset whatsoever, and we can’t thank you enough for all you did to accomplish the successful relocation.
Sincere thanks,

I am writing this for owners of animals that are concerned about relocating their 4 legged family. I had been transferred to Hawaii and have 2 cats which are my children, I had started to do all of the pre-work myself for their travel to Hawaii, which is very complicated, I was having a hard time interpreting all of the paperwork and what needed to be done, a co-worker of mine had recommended Petsfly.com, I called and right away I felt at ease, the company was very friendly and up to date on all of the regulations with the airlines and the state of Hawaii. My point of contact was Jeni, she was wonderful, not pushy and seemed to have the love for animals that I do, I hired petsfly.com to transport my precious cargo from Maryland to Hawaii. They were very patient and understanding, they gave me a tracking number so that I could watch on the internet the specific locations of my girls, they picked them up at my home in Maryland, insuring that the carriers and all of the labels were in the correct spots and ensured us that things were on schedule and they would take good care of our girls. When the girls arrived in Hawaii, they got the girls off of the plane and to the quarantine office ensuring that all the paperwork was in order for same day release. I got a call from Carrie that she and my girls were on their way to my home, when they arrived she brought the carriers inside and stayed with me and the girls till she saw that they were fine and that I was a very happy recipient of my precious cargo. Petsfly.com was a God sent and I would highly recommend them and their excellent service.

We were so happy to have Katie help us through Poppy’s move. She took the time to work through each stage with us. We are so appreciative of her efforts and her expertise. Poppy made it safely to our new home in the UK and we couldn’t be more happy!

Just wanted to say that all went great for the pickup (in Dallas, Texas). I was a little nervous when first spoke to the drivers, but when I met them all my concerns were resolved.  Uta was more than happy to load up and go with them !  The driver took the time to get to know Uta, and walked me through everything.  He was very reassuring and it says a lot that you had a customer here thinking I am not letting this guy take my dog and by the end I was completely confident that my dog was in great hands and felt silly about my earlier concerns.
Thanks, Sarah

Thank you so much for everything! The cats arrived safe and cleared after about 3 hrs. They were fairly scared (especially Java-such wide eyes) but are settling into their new home. They send their meows and thanks. Thx again, Joanne and Mary

Hi Jeni,

Thanks for everything. The babies arrived safe and sound…the guys ended up being soooooo sweet. One of them even drove me back to the train station so I wouldn’t have to take the bus with the kennels. It was a 5-7 minute drive. Soooo nice…I appreciate you taking care of everything…We will call you when we come home.


I have to admit, I was very anxious about Mildred’s relocation to Germany. We were concerned about the long flight and what to expect along the way. Katie put our fears at bay by keeping us updated with each step. From check-in, flight departure to arrival, customs clearance and delivery, we were happy to know what was going on. Now our family is all together again.

Here’s  Michelle – an American born Cardigan Welsh Corgi who flew to Finland in May 2011 by the help of PetsFly. Thank you – our puppy was happy and healthy when she arrived. She had had a long journey but you guys had taken excellent care of her. Today, she is just as cute as she was 2 months back when we got her out of the plane. She has just won her very first, but definitely not last, ribbon at her first dog show ?

There are other pet movers out there that are so unprofessional and don’t even remember you when you call again. I’m so happy that I followed my instinct and didn’t sign an agreement with them and kept looking until I found you guys!! It was such a life saver…Sending an animal anywhere is stressful and a LOT of paperwork much less a 70lb dog to England…in December, with airport closures. I’d of lost my head of hair if I hadn’t had your help. & Bongo’s parents are just as, if not more, pleased with your help now that they have their boy back with them! ?


I want to thank you for all of the care you have provided for Daisy over the years.  We always felt comfortable leaving her in your hands.

Sadly, just as we were about to make plans for this year’s flight, Daisy had plans of her own–to fly to heaven.  We miss her very much.

If you ever need references, please count on us.

Again, thank you so much.

Dick & Ginny

Maximus made it here safely. He had a very rough flight…..but once he realized who I was when he got here, he was so excited. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful service that you provided. Brian and I will definitely refer you to any friends who are looking to get their pets over to the UK. Thanks again for all of your help. Our family is finally complete again…..Jennifer

My baby is coming! I know she will be fine. I can’t wait to have her back. Thank you so much petsfly.com you have made this completely stress free for me. I know I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know who has a pet!

Thank you soooo much for taking care of all the arrangements! We are sooo excited to see Cocoa and Cleo today! You have been wonderful!!

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for the superb job you did getting Paddy and Charlie to us,you are a star!!

Regards the Watt family

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