J & B – Day 6

January 11, 2015, Day 6—The youngers had their first official mishap this morning. They were flying through the house after their morning release, as usual, when there was a sudden, and very loud, crash. The way Calvin the Terrible (our cat who is trying to shed his ‘always blamed’ tag) tells it (Jeni found him sitting about ten feet from the crash site, meowing his loudest as if he were really telling), Beyonce was chasing Jay-Z, when Jay-Z decided to try climbing the table cloth. His claws snagged in the material, and a potted cactus that had been sitting on top of the table slid to edge, teetered just like in the cartoons, then crashed to the ground and broke on the tile floor. The other animals in the house seemed to join Calvin in placing the blame squarely on Jay-Z, and when I arrived at the scene of the crime, the black cat was the only one within the vicinity. He is now familiar with the sound a black human male makes when pissed off.

The kiddos are now familiar with where they can and cannot tread around the house, and, of course, are most curious with the places they are not allowed. While they often seek out the room behind a forgotten closed door or try to squeeze through the wires behind the living room television, it seems as if their favorite haunt is the pantry. The food doesn’t particularly interest them. The entrance to the shelves, however, through the mesh curtains (we don’t have a door) really intrigues them both, particularly Jay-Z. As stated before, Beyonce is the first to explore something new, but Jay-Z seems to be more thorough in his inspections.