J & B, Day 3 and 4

Day 3–We really started to observe personality traits, which are quite distinct between the two.

Beyonce seems to embrace her role as alpha cat between the two. She is the larger cat, and while she hasn’t yet openly confronted any of the elder animals, she goes where she pleases with little regard for being challenged along the way. Beyonce did have a bit of a standoff with Rhahzhah, our senior citizen at age 16. Rhahz is too fat and slow to really fight anymore, so the two of them got into a simple hiss-off for a few minutes in the hallway leading to Rhahzhah’s bed in the kids’ bathroom. The one thing that stuck out in observing Beyonce was her ability to eat. That kitten can put the food away! She eats often and in seemingly massive quantities, and already Jeni & I are wondering whether or not a diet is in her adult future. Beyonce is always the one who dictates playtime between the two, which has happened more often during the morning hours. Having more girth than Jay-Z (and both of them are already about the same height as the other animals), she usually kicks his ass when they wrestle.

Jay-Z is, besides maybe Spunk the Hamster, the most athletic animal in the house. Our dog Lizzie could probably outrun him in a straight out sprint, but he, along with being a superior leaper (he wows us with his ability to scale the High Rise, is the very definition of hyper. Jay has no problem at all with finding a toy to occupy himself with, or spooking himself out of the blue to the point where he crashes into every household object (including walls) in his haste to escape his imaginary pursuer. His favorite spot, when he does choose to rest, is atop the cat tree.

This afternoon found our heroes both basking on the High Rise, with Jay-Z on the top shelf, which is more of a half-basket, and Beyonce on the third level, where their main food dish lies. Beyonce alternated between eating and cleaning herself, while Jay-Z spent most of his day looking out the window. Four o’clock saw them both snoozing in the top box, finally seeming to be completely at home and settled in.


Day 4—Coming home from a petsfly run to the airport at 6:00 a.m., we noticed that both cats were already rearing to start their own day. When Jeni opened the door to their night quarters, both Jay-Z and Beyonce sprinted out into the living room as if shot from a cannon. They alternated between eating on the High Rise and exploring the pre-dawn atmosphere of the house, with Beyonce, of course, taking each turn at the food bowl as if it was her last.