J & B, Day 2

Day 2—This morning saw the new children with much more confidence, as they had no problem with coming out of their “night quarters” when the door was opened for them. Beyonce took the lead and ran right out into the living room while Jay-Z, still more hesitant, followed.

The kittens spent the day growing progressively bolder, as they seemingly figured out that this was their new home and not just temporary quarters. Watching them gain more confidence as they started to explore their surroundings in depth was fascinating.  The cat tree was treated as a kind of home base.  The upper tier offers the best view of the living room and petsfly office areas, and since the cat tree (also known as the High Rise) sits next to a window, the two of them also enjoyed looking at the goings on in the backyard and could even see a bit of mall traffic over the backyard wall.