Curious, with just a hint of mischief thrown into my genes

January 13, 2015—Today the youngers got to observe a phenomenon called rain for the first time. After a habitual morning of alternating play, eats, use of the litter box, and brief rest, their ears pricked to the sound of water drops hitting the ground. They both immediately scrambled to the top of the High Rise, where they sat fascinated watching the rain drops hitting the swimming pool and backyard. The sound seemed almost as intriguing as the sight.

Mr. Trouble also seized the opportunity of a human oversight in closing an off-limits bedroom door, and weaseled his way into the master bathroom where Spunk resides. He was probably in there for about ten minutes when Jeni happened upon him, sitting calmly in front of Spunk’s cage, transfixed on the little guy’s every movement. I don’t think that the idea of harming the hamster ever entered Jay-Z’s head, and he showed only mild annoyance when Jeni evicted him from the premises. Back in the living room, he sat down for a quick self-wash, visually located his sister stretched out on the second level of the High Rise, then went inside their night quarters to use the bathroom.

January 15, 2015—These kids love to eat. When they first arrived at Casa de Petsfly, Beyonce was clearly dominant and bullied her way to the food bowl at every meal. But our Jay-Z, ever so (devious) alert, has developed super sensitive hearing, and now every time Jeni opens the door to the garage (where their food is stored), he leaps instantly to the High Rise food dish to be first to the bowl. Beyonce, the more thoughtful of the two, now chooses to take her meals at ground level, in the bowl to their night quarters.

Added to the list of firsts for the dynamic duo was a nail trimming. Although she growled nonstop, Beyonce only flinched once, and accepted her post trim petting with pompous glee. Jay-Z, as hard to catch as a hyper grasshopper and still as skittish as ever, showed remarkable patience during his turn in my lap, then bolted afterward.

Spaceship alert! While playing tag in the living room, Beyonce inadvertently knocked a basketball off the smaller couch. The youngers sat transfixed at the sound and sight of the basketball bouncing across the room, watching it until it finished its slowing roll, then waiting for another two minutes to see if it would start moving again on its own.