Curious, with just a hint of mischief thrown into my genes

January 13, 2015—Today the youngers got to observe a phenomenon called rain for the first time. After a habitual morning of alternating play, eats, use of the litter box, and brief rest, their ears pricked to the sound of water drops hitting the ground. They both immediately scrambled to the top of the High Rise, where they sat fascinated watching the rain drops hitting the swimming pool and … [Read more...]

Jay-Z and the Cactus of Doom

January 12, 2015—All seven of our animals (excluding Spunk the hamster) are roughly the same general height and shape, with weights ranging from Jay-Z’s lean-bodied six pounds to our eldest dog Abby’s eighteen. That being said, there seems to be a familiarity developing between the newcomers and the old guard. Previously, while not being chummy by any means, the dogs and cats tolerated each … [Read more...]

J & B – Day 6

January 11, 2015, Day 6—The youngers had their first official mishap this morning. They were flying through the house after their morning release, as usual, when there was a sudden, and very loud, crash. The way Calvin the Terrible (our cat who is trying to shed his ‘always blamed’ tag) tells it (Jeni found him sitting about ten feet from the crash site, meowing his loudest as if he were really … [Read more...]

J & B, Day 3 and 4

Day 3--We really started to observe personality traits, which are quite distinct between the two. Beyonce seems to embrace her role as alpha cat between the two. She is the larger cat, and while she hasn’t yet openly confronted any of the elder animals, she goes where she pleases with little regard for being challenged along the way. Beyonce did have a bit of a standoff with Rhahzhah, our … [Read more...]

J & B, Day 2

Day 2—This morning saw the new children with much more confidence, as they had no problem with coming out of their “night quarters” when the door was opened for them. Beyonce took the lead and ran right out into the living room while Jay-Z, still more hesitant, followed. The kittens spent the day growing progressively bolder, as they seemingly figured out that this was their new home and not … [Read more...]