Katie – Colorado/Nevada

Katie Tice

In 2000, Katie Tice joined petsfly.com, bringing in an immediate desire to excel and a great eye for detail.  “I got into pet relocation because I love the idea of helping pets relocate all over the world.  It’s wonderful to greet them upon their flight arrival and I enjoy making sure they are calm when seeing them off.  Animals are always happy to see a friendly face.  I love being that face!”

Katie took over the petsfly.com branch in Denver in 2000, and has mastered operations there ever since. Katie expresses her view this way, “I know that pet owners trust us to act in their pets’ best interest and I take that role very seriously.  I treat all pets as if they were my own and have them on my mind while they are traveling to their destination.  I am always happy to hear of pet/family reunions! The process is still fascinating to me, even after all of these years.  International regulations can be especially challenging.  We make it our business to be experts so that our traveling animals have a smooth import process.”