Jeni – Arizona/Utah

Jeni Redmond

Jeni Redmond, founder of, “While living in Denver, Colorado in 1995, it started more or less as a hobby, then changed into a business shortly after, and now it’s a passion.   I love that every day and every pet relocation is different.  I love the challenges that come with every move.  I also love meeting new animals every day!  Organizing and providing safe and efficient pet relocation is my goal for every single client.”

In 2000, Jeni saw an opportunity to expand and made a move to open up an office in Salt Lake City, Utah.  After a two year stint in Salt Lake City (“Fabulous city.  We have drivers and a number of repeat clients there.”), 2003 saw Jeni move to Arizona and open up the Phoenix branch of “My husband got a nice job offer, and after a very brief discussion, we decided that Phoenix would be great for our family and the pet relocation business. The summer weather is definitely a challenge, but we have established strong relationships with many local agencies involved in the pet moving process, from vets to boarding facilities to the USDA office to the airlines…the list goes on and on.”

Jeni is well known to over 400 pet relocation agents around the world, with thousands of relocations under her belt.  She joined IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association) in 1997, and has served on the Board of Directors for 10 years.  Jeni regularly attends meetings and conferences to stay current on new pet shipping activities, rules and regulations, and also helps to form pet relocation policy while remaining an active member of the Board.  She is a three time Chairperson of the Annual IPATA Conference, and has also served on the Executive, Ethics and Public Relations committees within the IPATA organization.

With her love of pets and people, Jeni says that she will continue on this journey of providing personalized, knowledgeable, and experienced pet travel for as long as she can.  Jeni earned a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Management degree at the Metropolitan State University of Denver in 1991.  She is married with three children and five pets of her own.