Bobby – Texas

Bobby Caldwell

Bobby joined in 2000, opening up a new market in the Dallas area.  Quickly expanding to encompass almost all of Texas and beyond, Bobby incorporated his vast experience in dealing with people as well as animals into establishing himself as a reliable and intelligent pet relocation specialist throughout the south. “I had retired and was getting bored. When the offer came to help expand pet relocation to Texas, I jumped in with both feet.  My long time love and passion for animals of all kinds makes this a perfect fit for me. I really love reuniting a pet with its family after a long trip.”

Bobby also has a passion away from the office, “The business also allows me time for my favorite charity, Shriners Hospitals for Children.  I am currently an officer at the largest Shrine Center in Texas.”

When asked what he felt was the most important piece of advice that he could give to people relocating their pets, Bobby replied, “Stay as calm as you can.  I know moving pets can be a stressful experience, but remember that your pets pick up on your stress.  A nervous owner makes for a nervous pet.  Once they are on their way with us, all is well!”